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First Blush is a dream pop band founded by singer, songwriter, and keyboardist Charles Sekel in 2012. After releasing two EPs, First Blush EP (2012) and Supersynthetic (2013), the band went on a hiatus while Sekel wrote and recorded songs for a full-length LP. The resulting album, Monologic, is scheduled to be released in July of 2017. 


First Blush's music centers around themes of depression and isolation, and the struggle to be optimistic while journeying through the darker corners of the psyche. Borrowing from sources as diverse as The Beach Boys and The Who to M83 and The Flaming Lips, First Blush melds its influences under a cloak of distorted and atmospheric textures.


The band has performed extensively in and around its hometown of New York City, playing venues such as The Bitter End, Tammany Hall, Sullivan Hall, and Pianos.